warranty repair -凯发一触即发


warranty repair

3 years quality assurance, 20 years instrument warranty

warranty clauses

this clause applies only to our products under normal operating condition, the clause does not apply if the damage is caused by the act of god or it is a human-induced damage.

  • we provide 3-year free warranty repair for instrument main processor. a repair fee will be charged according to the condition of instrument if the 3-year quality assurance is over, and it is still within the 20-year instrument warranty period.
  • the rhythm box on healthy cup is warranted for 1 year.
  • heathy cup and listed cups set – flat cup, feminine cup and trump cup, are not covered under warranty, please examine the product upon receipt, any damage unrelated to production quality is not liable for free replacement hence must to be re-purchased.
  • in the event the product is repaired or exchanged, the subsequent warranty period will be based on the original product hence there is no warranty period extension.
  • malfunction of instrument main processor due to natural disaster or man-made accident will be charged a service fee according to the faulty condition as a standard.
  • this clause does not apply to instrument that has been dismantled by unauthorized service personnel.

repair service process

  • for repair, please visit after-sale service website (), login to register for the repair service.
  • please pack the product properly and send to the service address.
  • in china, product can be sent to the shenzhen service base, while in other regions product should be sent to regional office in taiwan.
  • china, biboting brand promotion [headquarters]
    linglong (shanghai) brand management co., ltd
    address: room 702, no. 930, zhongshan west road, changning district, shanghai
    telephone no.: 021-31006868
    operating hours: monday to friday 09:30 – 17:30
  • china, biboting service centre
    address: no. 171, guziyi road, xixiang, bao’an district, shenzhen, china.
    (district a, building b, gate 3, weicheng industrial zone)
    customer service no.: 171-8748-8849, 170-9142-2298
    operating hours: monday to friday 09:30 – 17:30
  • taiwan, china, biboting service centre
    address: 8f, no. 66-7, sec. 2, nankan rd, luzhu district, taoyuan city 338, taiwan
    customer service no.: ( 886)3-250-4567
    operating hours: monday to friday 09:30 – 17:30

freight standard

  • customer is required to send the product to be repaired to biboting service centre at own cost.
  • biboting service centre will return product to customer after repair and the shipping cost will be borne by the company.