faq -凯发一触即发


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precaution before using the instrument

  • this instrument is used for massage and it is not a replacement of any treatment.
  • please stop using the instrument immediately if you feel unwell in the process.
  • please do not allow children to use and operate the instrument.
  • those who are unfit and sick are not allowed to use the instrument (i.e. pregnant women, those with high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, with cardiac stent or pacemaker etc. are prohibited from using the instrument!)
  • those who are diagnosed or suspected of breast disease, please do check-up in the hospital and follow doctor’s advice.
  • those who are injected with artificial fat such as ogilvy or implanted with fillers are prohibited to use the instrument.
  • drink more water before and after you use the instrument.
  • use the instrument according to individual physique and sense to adjust to an appropriate duration, it is recommended to use at intervals. it should not be used continuously for long hours.
  • the intensity of suction and release of the instrument is adjustable according to individual physique and sense.
  • after use, sweat and waste discharged from the body part may cause skin discomfort. please cleanse or wipe the skin immediately with water.
  • the instrument must be used with biboting supporting special products.
  • please read product manual carefully before use.
  • caution: due to differences in individual physique, your skin may exhibit dark red or dark purple spots, broken skin, blisters, bruises, hair growth or other adverse conditions. careful consideration should be taken before use.
  • using the product on the following vulnerable parts of body are strictly prohibited:
    ① artery position on both sides of the neck.
    ② trachea position around the neck.
    ③ those with cardiac catheter or pacemaker installed.
    ④ artery position on inner thigh.
    ⑤ area around eyes and eyeballs.
    ⑥ temple on both sides of the head.
    ⑦ area around ears and ear canals.
    ⑧ varicose veins and wound area.

operation instruction

  1. first wipe clean around the area of the body part.
  2. apply essential oils.
  3. apply nourishing cream.
  • apply evenly around the body part.
  1. press the power button.
  2. cover the healthy cup on the body part.
  1. use pressure adjuster to adjust the intensity of suction.
    (turn left to reduce the strength, turn right to increase the strength)
  2. please begin with a low pressure and adjust to a comfortable strength.
  • adjust the intensity according to individual capacity.
  1. pull up the safety relief valve on top of the healthy cup to remove the cup.
  1. the instrument will stop automatically after the set operation time is over.
  2. to continue using the instrument after it stopped, just press the blue or red button.
  3. please remove the power plug when not in use.

【trouble shooting】

  • please ensure the power plug is connected.
  • verify the long and short tubes are in the correct positions and use pressure adjuster to adjust a comfortable strength (or a scale of about 5).
  • please ensure the dc cable is properly connected with the cup.

instrument and accessory cleaning method

instrument cleaning instruction


after using the instrument main processor, please use disinfectant alcohol and fibrous towel (do not use cotton towel) to wipe the main functional panel and surface, and use cotton swabs to remove disinfectant alcohol regularly and wipe the gap around the panel button.

  • do not touch any essential oil or cream product when switching on product power supply and other switches on the panel, otherwise it will affect the function and lifespan of the instrument.
  • instrument main processor must be briefly cleaned and wiped after use.

healthy cup

all biboting cup 01

please use standard cleaning solution or disinfection alcohol then use fibrous towel (do not use tissue or cotton towel) to wipe the cup in and out, if the black deflated rubber fastened in the cup falls, please use cotton swab with alcohol to clean the part directly, after that restore the rubber to the original position.

listed cup


same cleaning method as healthy cup.

dc power cable


if the power cable is stained by essential oil or cream product, remove cable from instrument before cleaning, then use warm water on fibrous towel to wipe clean.

pressure adjuster


set the level to 0 and place it in hot water for at least 5 mins, then clean with cold water.

long/short tube


clean inside and outside of the tube with warm water or cleaning solution.

instrument troubleshooting

when experience any problem using biboting massager, please refer to the following for possible solutions. if the solution is not helpful, please turn off the power and remove the plug, and contact biboting service centre immediately. users should not disassemble or repair biboting massager. damage caused by self-disassembly or self-repair will invalidate the product warranty, and the company shall not bear any responsibility for the consequence.

q1:rhythm box on healthy cup is unable to vibrate.

  • please ensure the dc cable is connected properly.
  • check if it works properly by turning frequency adjusting knob on the rhythm box clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • replace with another dc cable and healthy cup, it must be sent for repair if it cannot be started. (this product is a consumable item. do not crash it during the 1-year warranty period to avoid affecting its normal function.)

q2:countdown monitor cannot be displayed after pressing the power button.

  • press the power button again.
  • relocate to another power outlet and test, it must be sent for repair if it cannot be started.

q3:pressure adjuster does not work properly.

  • there is foreign matter or grease blockage in the pressure adjuster. please refer to cleaning instruction.

q4:suction becomes weaker or could only feel the strength around suction hole of the main processor.

  • one of the tubes is not connected correctly or properly. please check the tubes and reconnect properly.
  • tube might be broken especially at both ends, please replace the tube if it is broken.
  • there is foreign matter or grease blockage in the tube, please refer to cleaning instruction.
  • there is foreign matter or grease blockage in suction hole of main processor. please check and clean it.
  • the stopper in the cup or the listed cup is detached or broken, which causes the suction becomes weaker.


q1: how frequent can i use? how many times can i use in a day?

do not exceed 30 minutes per use on back, chest, abdomen and buttocks, the interval of usage should be more than 6 hours. other than body parts mentioned above, it is recommended to move from a body part to another body part every 2 minutes.

q2: how to repair the glitch?

if you find the instrument is not in its normal condition, we recommend to run the device auto troubleshooting to check the basic settings and solve the problem before calling to the maintenance service personnel so that misdiagnosis or unnecessary repair can be avoided. this is to ensure saving your precious time. if the problem still persists after the method mentioned above, please contact the service center immediately to confirm arrangement for necessary repair.

service centre no: 171-8748-8849、170-9142-2298, operating hours: 09:30 – 17:30

q3:how long does it take to repair?

it takes around 3 to 7 working days after the instrument received by the service centre (except for special condition, you will be notified after the test)

q4:how can i check the progress of the repair?

when the service centre receives your product, you will be contacted immediately to confirm the warranty period and problem. after the service personnel tested the product, you will be informed about the repair status and its estimated cost, so that you are in control about the service progress.

q5:what will happen if i use a non-designated special product?

the ph value and concentration of the designated special product are more suitable for the operation of biboting massager. if a non-designated special product is used, the residue of different concentrations will be accumulated inside the instrument. it can cause short-circuit to the instrument under mild circumstance or blockage to the internal part of the instrument under serious circumstance and even cause the instrument to be unusable.

please be sure to use the designated essential oils and skin care products from special ingredients and original supplies to avoid eroding the cup material and the phenomenon such as blisters, broken skin, bruises, and pore blockage from happening. the company shall not bear any responsibility for the above consequences.