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biboting app

the guardian of health and beauty to the female.

app features


health knowledge articles

news, events, and health articles are all inside, don't miss it, carrying with a healthy life.


bluetooth control massager

easily pair and control massager.


customized massage frequency

save your favorite mode and share with your friends.


about us

open the way to the “modern rhythmic massage culture”

encourage more women to focus on breast health by action

in 1990s, there was a craze for breast remodelling instrument in taiwan, china, but the technology at that time was bad and unable to achieve the desired effect hence this trend died off quickly. however, an electromechanical expert has extended this physical breast remodelling concept by improving it into a rhythmic suction and release pattern,as well as enhancing its safety.

biboting massager

skilfully refined, not to be underestimated
comfort / innovation / diligence


rhythmic suction and release massage

enjoy a relaxing suction and release massage exclusively.


high-frequency vibration

improve pain and discomfort of body parts.


warm feeling

warmness sending.


instrument structural features

activate your health with just a click
durable key, dramatic reduce the probability of failure.

highly stable design, rapid cooling
avoid close proximity of massager to the façade to dissipate heat effectively.

360° suction, at your pleasure
0.1 second per revolution, ability to rotate continuously for time adjustment.

bibotong cup

cup structural features

use 2 fingers to pull for rapid deflation
cup deflates quickly by opening the safety valve.

vibration frequency can be arbitrarily adjusted
vibration level can be easily adjusted.

solid circular arc fits comfortably and seamlessly
ergonomic design.

honorary awards

biboting not the best, but more than that!


multiple international certificates symbolize the strength of brand

the principles of service that we uphold
3 years quality assurance, 20 years instrument warranty.

the advocate of the breast remodelling industry​


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china, biboting brand promotion
linglong (shanghai) brand management co., ltd

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room 702, no. 930, zhongshan west road, changning district, shanghai

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monday to friday 09:30 – 17:30