official declaration -凯发一触即发

  • the company does not sell any product on any online sales platform.
  • our products are mainly for health maintenance and we are not involved in any kind of treatment.


due to the recent flooding of similar commercial products on the internet, biboting strives to protect the reputation of its product authenticity in order to stand firmly in the market. besides the annual strict attack by a team of cooperating lawyers, the quality is continuously improved to meet the value from the essence of the product. it also constantly stresses on the operational indication that biboting massager is not medical equipment but is only used for healthcare and maintenance. it is not allowed as medical conduct and prohibited as the claim of efficacy! there is a note on precaution using the product on the side of biboting  massager, serving a reminder on the safety precaution that must be taken before use.

note: please read the product manual carefully before using the product.

  • this instrument is strictly use for massage, it shall not replace any treatment.
  • please stop using the instrument immediately if you feel unwell in the process.
  • please do not allow children to use and operate the instrument.
  • those who are unfit and sick are not allowed to use the instrument (i.e. pregnant women, those with high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, with cardiac stent or pacemaker etc. are prohibited from using the instrument!)
  • those who are diagnosed or suspected of breast disease, please do check-up in the hospital and follow doctor’s advice.
  • those who are injected with artificial fat such as ogilvy or implanted with fillers are prohibited to use the instrument.
  • drink more water before and after you use the instrument.
  • use the instrument according to individual physique and sense to adjust to an appropriate duration, it is recommended to use at intervals. it should not be used continuously for long hours.
  • the intensity of suction and release of the instrument is adjustable according to individual physique and sense.
  • after use, sweat and waste discharged from the body part may cause skin discomfort.
  • please cleanse or wipe the skin immediately with water.
  • please read product manual carefully before use.
  • caution: due to differences in individual physique, your skin may exhibit dark red or dark purple spots, broken skin, blisters, bruises, hair growth or other adverse conditions. careful consideration should be taken before use.
  • using the product on the following vulnerable parts of body are strictly prohibited:
    ① artery position on both sides of the neck
    ② trachea position around the neck
    ③ those with cardiac catheter or pacemaker installed
    ④ artery position on inner thigh
    ⑤ area around eyes and eyeballs
    ⑥ temple on both sides of the head
    ⑦ area around ears and ear canals
    ⑧ varicose veins and wound area

note: biboting massager (original name: beauty healthcare instrument)


the above content is hereby declared by biboting trading (shanghai) co., ltd.